When life seem so hopelessand breathing seems like a pain,I wish my life was like a book,so that I could burn offall its chapters into ashes,except that one chapterwhere I am destinedto die.


Like a lotus,and in all those dirt and chaosit will still find itsway to bloom,and so shall I.

Tell Me

Tell mehow you win over your demonsthat rages like wavesin a stormy ocean? Tell mehow you smilewhen there is pain suffocatingyou on your every breath? Tell mehow is life?so that I can finallychoose to die.

Drowning Into Loneliness

Her eyes, with no more tears to shed.Her thoughts, confided within her closed heart.Her hope, diffused into the air.She embarked a new route filled with stonesBut what could more hurt a soul,which was bleeding for yearsby holding on to a cactus?


Things has changed, life has changedCaged in my own thoughtsTill when ? Days has passed, months has passedThe last time I felt peaceRemember when? Been a stupid who took freedom for grantedOnly to know it’s valuewhen it was lost!