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Good Old Innocent Days😪

Those good old innocent days;

When all I wanted was
not to be a child anymore.

When I thought bruised knees
are the ones to pain the most.

When getting a “A” grade
was enough to make my day.

When filling up my piggy bank
was enough to make me feel rich.

But now, those are the days I miss the
most and that’s the irony of life.

man in black backpack during golden hour

A Hopeless Soul

I traveled across seas,
skies and deserts.
In search of something
which could shower some
happiness & hope into my life.

Learn It From The Nature🌱

The rejoicing spring after the freezing
winter is a way of nature telling us to keep patience, faith and to
remember that nothing is constant
in this world!

The Depression Cycle

Was it the world which was
getting weirder or was it just me?
Life was getting hopeless with
nobody willing to hear my grief.