Quote 18/2022

One shall seek happiness in this ferocious world Who fought the battles to fathom the evil and good that one beholds, and always had the courage to choose the latter.


Things has changed, life has changedCaged in my own thoughtsTill when ? Days has passed, months has passedThe last time I felt peaceRemember when? Been a stupid who took freedom for grantedOnly to know it’s valuewhen it was lost!


It is so ugly and meanthings go here unseen They defined what was “right”but I choose to rebel and fight When I wanted to flythey cut off my wings I was allowed to dreambut only what was already foreseen They told me my life was mineyet expected to be their puppet, isn’t that a crime? … More Undefined

Her Smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Clouds where getting darker andwhen pounding was at it’s extremeShe came running and stood beside me,making me share my little umbrella with her. A solitaire soul who hated rain,wished it to never end, again and again. Forget diamonds, raindrops can be more beautiful,If it was on her skin.Forget rainbows, her smile was more colourful,that ignoring … More Her Smile ๐Ÿ™‚