It is so ugly and mean
things go here unseen

They defined what was “right”
but I choose to rebel and fight

When I wanted to fly
they cut off my wings

I was allowed to dream
but only what was already foreseen

They told me my life was mine
yet expected to be their puppet, isn’t that a crime?

Raise your voice against
and they will show you what it is to be an outcast

Never utter the word “change”
If you don’t want to live your life inside a cage

It is so ugly and mean
things forever here will remain unseen!

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Comments (4)

  • Jas krish 5 months ago Reply

    Very well expressed. Yes change is resisted ….all attempts are made to subdue thhe change advocate…but then that has happened all along and one has to go on against the current..
    Stay blessed always.

  • Great poem. Keep fighting. There are so many forces that resist change or even authentic individual expression..

    Sreena 5 months ago Reply

    Thanks a lot. Yes Keep fighting 🙋🏻‍♀️


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