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A Wish

If wishes can come true,I want nothingbut to fall asleep forever,before I fall apart.

Tell Me

Tell mehow you win over your demonsthat rages like wavesin a stormy ocean? Tell mehow you smilewhen there is pain suffocatingyou on Read More


What was this life of mine? A curse or a blessing,An unfinished story or a forgotten history,A stain or a star, Falling Read More

Beyond Limits

The world asked her to aim the sky,but little did they know,her heart was the universe,and her eyes were the starsthat was Read More

Breathing Toxicity

Those cries hiding liesisn’t affecting me anymore.I was unknownto what self-destructionfelt like until the dayI met you. – From My 2012 Journal

A New Journey

She embarked a new journeyof her life.Where mysteries wereleft to unfold. She was drawnedto uncertainties.Preaching the unknown. Yet, her eyes focusedon the Read More